Bulletproof Motor

Bulletproof Motor is a professional supplier of motor integrated solutions. We have a professional technical team to provide technical services for custom motors. Our main products include AC motor both low voltage and high voltage, squirrel cage motor, explosion-proof motor, NEMA standard motor, vibration motor, PM motor, SYN motor, slip-ring motor, DC motors, special application motors etc.

Through modern management, R&D of core technology and investment in advanced manufacturing equipment, Bulletproof Motor has achieved rapid development. Its products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Germany, the United States, Italy, Britain and the Netherlands. Its products are deeply recognized by the majority of users. Bulletproof Motor is committed to providing reliable high-quality motor solutions for customers all over the world and achieving the success of more customers with Bulletproof Motor's quality. Sincerely look forward to your cooperation!

Hot Products

Low, medium and high voltage three-phase motors, explosion-proof motors, vibration motors, single-phase motors, iron and aluminum casing motors

Bulletproof Motor is widely used in compressors, machine tools, water pumps, oil pumps, fans, mixers, transportation, agriculture, food and other machinery as well as power plants, building materials, papermaking, metallurgy, railways and other fields.

Bulletproof Motor

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